About Us

Hi there and welcome to Difference Makers International! We’re a group dedicated to helping people by showing everyone how they can make their homes sustainably eco-friendly without having to spend a ton on the improvements. Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering in our blog:

Home Improvement

Do-it-yourself renovations, home tips and hacks, and links to guides on how to make your home eco friendly! We also guarantee to make sure that the tips we give for your home are practical, verified, and doable. No recommendations that will have you spending on expensive gadgets, performing possibly damaging fixes on your home, or unreasonable/unrealistic purchases or modifications!

Life Hacks

Making a difference doesn’t have to stop at your home! You can make a difference during your day-to-day activities as well! Simple tips on little things you can do (or stop doing!) that will help the environment (and by extension, you) on a daily or case-to-case basis. We’re also talking about practical life hacks here, none of those fads that only manage to survive via celebrity endorsement!

Environmentally Healthy Habits

One of the true earmarks of real differences being made is consistency. If the change only lasts a short while, then it’s more of a fad than a true difference. We’ll have articles that will discuss the habits that you can practice in and around your home regularly that will help you save the environment while making your home a nicer place to live!

If this is the type of content you’re interested in, then please read on!