Home Grown Remedies: Handy Plants To Have At Home

While a lot of people get plants for decorative purposes, there are some plants you want to keep around because of their usefulness.  Ranging from ingredients for healthy recipes to emergency treatment, there is a wide range of houseplants that are available at affordable prices (or even free if you know the right people)! Here are our favorites:


 Aloe Vera

Talk about a dual-purpose plant! Nutritionists consider aloe vera juice to be a superfood, providing both a lot of nutrients, while also promoting better digestion and helping good stomach bacteria as well. Not only does it have a lot of nutrients, It’s also good for dealing with burns and skin inflammation! Some people also use it for their hair! Truly a versatile household plant to have in your home! It also only needs watering every 3 days or so.



A very useful houseplant that requires a bit more maintenance than aloe vera, but it’s still worth it! Useful as a flavorful ingredient, either fresh or dried, especially in pasta sauces and the like, it also has other uses! While the smell of basil in your ingredients is sure to draw hungry guests, dried basil also does a good job of repelling ants and flies. Makes your food taste great while protecting it from pests!



A little strange to grow compared to the other plants on this list, ginger isn’t as pretty, but it’s very versatile. It’s a common ingredient in a lot of dishes (especially if you’re fond of Asian food), a good source of nutrients, and can be used in making tea. It’s also been found to help with digestion, menstruation, relieve muscle aches and pain and help reduce fever. It’s an odd looking plant, but it’s worth can’t be questioned!


  Spider Plants

This houseplant of African origin is a popular plant because of its color and unique leaf shape. Research into natural air purification however, has shown that spider plants are highly efficient at absorbing carbon monoxide and other harmful gasses in the air. In the poorer regions of Africa, the leaves of the spider plant are often used as part of the meals and are very nutritious. Not something we’d try at home though!