Saving Money While Saving The World: Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Help Your Wallet

Home improvement is always done with return of investment in mind. Whether that return is in the satisfaction of a brand new deck, or in the savings you’ll be getting in the long run, that return is the entire point of the home improvement. After all, if there is no return, there would be no improvement! Here are a few of our favorite home improvements that are guaranteed to help your wallet down the road!

Turn off or unplug unused electronics

In this digital age we live in, most people have quite a few gadgets and electronics in addition to the usual ones like lights, air conditioning, and electric fans, we also have phones, tablets, laptops, and whatever other assorted gadgets. Remembering to turn these off or unplug gadgets that are done charging will not only help the environment by reducing the burden on the power stations, but lower your bills as well.

Don’t leave water running

I will admit, this was a bad habit of mine for many years. I would leave the water running while doing dishes, brushing my teeth, or washing the car. This sent a lot of useable water down the drain and really made my water bills more painful. Only turning on the water when I actually needed to rinse something saved me a lot of money in the long run while also helping the environment!

Check for leaks

Sometimes, you can rack up a hefty water bill even if you turn off your water when not in use. This could be the fault of leaky pipes! A lot of Americans lose hundreds of dollars annually due to leaky pipes artificially spiking water bills. If you live in a part of the country that gets snow, the weakened, leaky pipes can even burst if the water freezes and forces the cracks open! Checking for leaks can save you quite a bit over time!

There are a lot of other ways you can work on your home towards an eco friendly goal while also saving money, such as checking your insulation and using screen doors and window fittings to improve ventilation. What home improvement are you most proud of? Would you recommend it?


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