What to Consider When Moving House?

You have made the decision. You are going to relocate. A new location, perhaps a new country. Whatever the reason, relocating can be an exciting time for all. In fact, moving house is meant to be one of the most stressful things you can do in your lifetime.

The big move could be your first, your fourth or even more and it doesn’t get much easier. There are a lot of things to think about and remember, so here are a few considerations to think about when you’re moving home.

How Close Are You To Work?

You may not think of it as a top consideration but if you have to spend an hour or more commuting to and from your workplace every day then that is going to add extra hours to your day and more cost to your travel. If you are looking to spend more time at home then make sure you live close enough to your workplace to commute quickly and comfortably.

What Are Your Family’s Needs?

This could simply be a large garden and a good-sized garage but there are other things to consider. Is the neighborhood friendly and does it have a neighborhood Watch scheme? What are the best schools in the area? Are there plenty of green-space, play parks and amenities close by for entertainment? And if you have kids are there any other young people their age living nearby?

You should also check out the local crime rates and speak to as many locals as you can – without being too intrusive.

How Good Is The Transport Network?

You may not be thinking of traveling very far but it is important to know whether there is an adequate van service running to the schools, nearest town or other local amenities. Obviously, if you don’t have your own transport then this is especially important!

How Long Are You Planning To Stay?

You may just be looking for somewhere short-term (6 months – 2 years) or you may be looking for somewhere to put down your roots. If you are planning to settle in your new home for the foreseeable future then you should ask about new developments and planned rejuvenation. You don’t want that lovely green space across from you turning into a housing development just months after you move in!

How Can You Make Your Move Seamless?

The secret is planning as much as you can in advance and making a timetable for the move so you don’t miss anything! Many people forget to redirect their mail or inform utility providers of a change of address until after they’ve moved – which can cause great complications!

Make a plan

Everyone makes plans, to do lists, shopping lists, all of which have a tendency to end up discarded in the bottom of your bag. When you make a plan to relocate, you need to stick to it. Start by listing what is required to move. This list needs to be exhaustive. Make a list of the decisions that need to be made i.e date of move, schools, new suppliers etc.


When packing be sure to use a generous amount of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can be purchased from wholesalers relatively cheaply. There is a tendency to use bubble wrap sparingly for fear of taking up too much space. Label everything!! Writing ‘stuff’ on a box is no use to anyone. Label as clearly as you can, perhaps even listing the items within the box. Although this is a time-consuming task, it will be appreciated at the other end of your moving journey.

When packing – be ruthless. If you haven’t worn those jeans for 10 years, you probably won’t be wearing them again. Donate your clothes to charity shops, or give to your friends. It is rare you get an opportunity to have the sort out which comes with packing your life into boxes. See it as an opportunity to sort the clutter from the keepsakes.
It is also a time-consuming and fiddly job to have to get new phone lines installed, broadband activated and your TV installation set up. You could be in your house for weeks without these essentials if it isn’t timed properly!
Ease the burden and consider hiring a moving company to do as many things for you as possible – you don’t really need to lift all those heavy boxes, do you?

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