Everybody has a go-to source of information and instructions they rely on. For most professions, there’s a manual that any member of the company can refer to for whatever they may need. Aspiring chefs have recipes they can follow and cookbooks to refer to when in need of new ideas. Here at Difference Makers, we have websites we refer to for environmental news, tips, and tricks! Here are our favorites:

The official home page of the World Environmental Organization, there’s no better source for environmental news from around the world. While they don’t offer much in terms of home improvement and other similar forms of environmental support beyond the basic ones, they’re a good source of news and information.

Real climate news by real scientists and climatologists! One of the things we love most about Realclimate is that rather than just bombarding people with jargon and scientific terms, they provide real climate news in terms that laymen can understand and that the media will have a hard time misunderstanding. A good site to verify climate news you see on sites like Facebook or Twitter before sharing!

A mixed bag of information, tips, and tricks, The Chalkboard isn’t a purely environmental site; it’s primarily a better, healthier lifestyle site. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have environmental advice and projects though! What it does is it offers them alongside other tips for health and wellness that you may also be interested in. A good browse for when you need to add some variety to your reading list!